Treating Spinal Stenosis With New Jersey Spine Specialists

Spinal Stenosis, a spinal condition affecting 250,000-500,000 Americans every year, describes the abnormal narrowing of the spinal column. It’s one of the more prevalent conditions that the board-certified spinal surgeons at New Jersey Spine Specialists encounter and treat. Many patients suffering from painful spinal stenosis symptoms often worry about the longevity of their disease. “Does spinal stenosis go away?” “Will I ever return to my normal routine?” “Will I ever be able to pick my grandchildren up again?”

The extent to which symptoms of spinal stenosis can lessen varies from patient to patient. But our minimally invasive spine surgeries and treatment regimens can lessen neck pain, numbness in the extremities, muscle weakness, upper and lower back pain, and mobility issues brought on by spinal stenosis.

What Is Spinal Stenosis & How Can I Find Treatment in My Area?

The spinal column is a complex system that provides humans with stability, balance, and mobility. This intricate system consists of individual hollow vertebrae that interlock to form a sturdy, flexible, and strong spinal column. The spinal cord runs down the “spinal canal” through a path formed by the hollowed out centers of the vertebrae. In a healthy spinal column, the spinal canal is clear of all obstructions and avoids disturbing the spinal cord. Spinal Stenosis occurs when anything, usually a dislodged vertebra, juts into the free space within the spinal canal and disturbs the spinal cord. This results in a plethora of issues including:

o Continued bone growth into the spinal canal
o Herniated discs
o Formation of tumors in or around the spinal canal
o Thickening of spinal ligaments, which can bulge into the spinal canal and exacerbate existing obstructions

These issues vary in severity, but all share one common trait: they prevent patients from living life to the fullest. Luckily, New Jersey Spine Specialists’ industry-leading, board-certified spinal doctors and surgeons diagnose and treat spinal stenosis so that you can reclaim your quality of life. Our team will work with you to explore all treatment options including physical therapy, steroid injections, minimally invasive surgery, and laser surgery intervention when necessary.

Treating Spinal Stenosis Through Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The goal of performing minimally invasive spine surgery for spinal stenosis is to create more room for the spinal cord in the narrowed areas of the spinal canal. Surgeons achieve this breakthrough by making small incisions with specialized instruments including an endoscope.

During minimally invasive surgery, the doctor works carefully to make incisions near the affected areas. This quick and painless technique allows surgeons to remove the problematic portions of the affected vertebrae without harming the surrounding tissue. The emphasis on small precise incisions reduces trauma to the spine and allows patients to recover quicker.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment – Pain Relief Is One Phone Call Away

If you begin to experience chronic back pain or neck pain, tingling or numbness in the extremities, or loss of mobility, you may have spinal stenosis. Though the condition’s longevity and severity can vary in each case, scheduling a consultation with a board-certified expert in spinal stenosis at New Jersey Spine Specialists will help resolve your condition. Our caring and compassionate doctors conduct comprehensive examinations to identify underlying causes and develop an effective treatment regimen. The treatment regimen can include anything from physical therapy to minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery.

Whether you experience brief or chronic back pain, you can rest assured that New Jersey Spine Specialists have the expertise necessary to reduce your symptoms, treat your condition, and help you return to your normal active life. To learn more about our treatment options, contact our office at (908) 738-1679.

“I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists” —Robert K

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    I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists” –

    Robert K