Understanding Spinal Conditions and Their Causes

Understanding Spinal Conditions and Their Causes

Spinal conditions can cause pain, restrict mobility and degrade the quality of life, whether they arise from spinal cord injury due to an accident, a deformity such as scoliosis, or normal degenerative changes associated with aging such as a herniated disc or bone spurs.

As the conduit for the nerves that give us feeling and control our movements, and the skeletal structure that gives our body its tremendous range of motion, a healthy spinal column is essential to overall health. But a myriad of conditions wrought by the normal wear and tear on the spine, an accident or injury, or from congenital deformity can seriously interfere with spinal health. Moreover, because spinal conditions can affect nerves that run throughout the body, the symptoms of the condition may be felt far from the source of the problem, such as in the arms or legs. This may disguise the true source of the problem, sometimes making diagnosis challenging.

Advanced Treatment Options for Spinal Conditions

The board certified physicians and clinical staff of therapists at New Jersey Spine Specialists have extensive experience providing care for the complete spectrum of spinal conditions. These include bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis and pinched nerve. We invite you to learn more about common spinal conditions and the available options for back pain treatment near you.

Spinal Care From A Top Spine Surgeon

With the best NJ-based pine surgeons in each of our offices (Montclair, NJ and Summit, NJ), we treat patients from Morristown, Nutley, Maplewood and communities across Union, Morris and Essex Counties and throughout northern New Jersey and the New York tri-state region. Yet thanks to the renown of our staff and the advanced care we can provide, we also draw patients from across the country. If you want to learn more about what advanced spinal treatments can do for a spinal condition that affects you or a loved one, just call or email us. NJSS also offers virtual telehealth services, using high-definition video and audio technology. Our telemedicine service provides patients real‐time, two‐way communication via secure online virtual sessions.

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