Disc Protrusion, A Common Spinal Condition

Disc protrusion is a common disc disorder, usually caused by injury or due to the normal aging process. The spinal vertebrae are separated and cushioned by discs that act as shock absorbers, to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against each other as the spine twists, turns and bends in the course of normal motion. Over time, discs can deteriorate and move from their normal position. This can result in impingement on the nerves in the spinal canal.

Finding Solutions to Disc Protrusion Problems

A protruding disc frequently causes no symptoms. Other times a disc protrudes into the limited space of the spinal column, which can pinch, irritate, or otherwise interfere with a nerve root or the spinal cord. This nerve compression causes disc protrusion symptoms that can include chronic back and neck pain, muscle weakness, stiffness and soreness and loss of flexibility and mobility. The location in the spinal column and the severity of the compression determines the symptoms of each case. A cervical disc protrusion (disc protrusion in the neck) can cause shoulder problems, while a lumbar disc protrusion (in the lower back) may be responsible for leg weakness. Thoracic disc protrusion (in the middle spine) is relatively rare but can also occur. Options for treatment of disc protrusion range from exercises and medication to surgery for advanced cases. Minimally invasive spinal surgery has joined the arsenal of treatments for many spinal problems such as disc protrusion. Our physicians at New Jersey Spine Specialists use the most advanced techniques in treating patients from around the world, as well as locally from Watchung, Morristown, Bloomfield and communities across Union and Morris Counties. If you suffer from a disc protrusion or other spinal problem and want to know more about your treatment options, call or email us today to schedule an appointment with board certified spine surgeons near you.

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