At New Jersey Spine Specialists we offer the latest in advanced spinal treatments, and commonly practice microdiscectomy surgery, often referred to as a microdecompression or a microdiskectomy. Our board certified and board eligible top spine specialists have extensive experience performing minimally invasive back surgery for patients.

Why New Jersey Spine Specialists Perform Microdiscectomy Surgery

At New Jersey Spine Specialists, we perform microdiscectomy surgery for multiple reasons. A fragment of a patient’s intervertebral disc may have broken away from the vertebrae disc, which can cause severe pressure and inflict pain on spinal nerves and the spinal cord. Although, the patient’s disc may still be intact, the disc could be protruding or bulging, which adds unwanted pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord. By using innovative technology coupled with expert technique, our top-rated spine surgeons carefully and diligently perform this minimally invasive procedure to remove specific portions of the pain causing herniated disc, thereby relieving stress, pinching pain and pressure that has been placed on lower lumbar of a patient’s spinal column.

At New Jersey Spine Specialists, a microdiscectomy is a same day procedure and commonly outpatient. Natural healing occurs within a 12-week period. Our renowned Spine Specialists are committed to providing our patients with the best treatment options in order to alleviate neck and back pain and restore optimal spinal health and overall quality of life.

Find out if you are a New Jersey Spine Specialist Microdiscectomy Candidate

Our board certified and board eligible team of spinal expert surgeons hold value in exploring all treatment options before discussing any type of minimally invasive procedure with our patients. Patients who qualify for a microdiscectomy surgery tend to suffer from a herniated lumbar disc, resulting in spinal conditions such as Sciatica, which causes compression on the spinal nerve. Patients who suffer from lumbar disc herniation will greatly benefit from a microdiscectomy and should promptly seek spinal treatment when experiencing common symptoms of lower back pain, pain in one or both legs, buttocks or a combination of one or more ailments.

We understand this procedure may be difficult to understand. Our trusted patient advocates and staff will ensure you receive all the information you need. Schedule your consultation at New Jersey Spine Specialists to meet with our highly skilled spine surgeons to learn if microdiscectomy surgery is the right procedure for you, as well as other available spinal treatment options. Contact New Jersey Spine Specialists today to receive the best in total spinal care. We offer two convenient offices to provide service to surrounding counties and all of northern, NJ and the surrounding Tri-State areas. Call us by dialing (908) 608-9619 today!

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Qualifying Questions for Microdiscectomy Surgery

If you have you been told that you need spinal surgery by an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, or Pain Management specialist, then you may qualify for microdiscectomy surgery with The New Jersey Spine Specialists by answering and submitting the form below. 

Once our office has reviewed the information that you have provided to us, a patient advocate will call you to let you know whether or not you have qualified, and if so, at that time you may schedule an appointment to meet with one of our physicians.

Our office will only accept the fully completed forms below to determine whether or not you qualify for this promotion. Any patient making phone calls to our office regarding this promotion and possible qualification will be asked to complete this form and submit it electronically.

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