Spinal Fusion Surgery With New Jersey Spine Specialists

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure addressing issues with the spinal vertebrae. The process involves using a bone graft or synthetic bone to fuse affected vertebrae together. The procedure makes intradiscal movement impossible, thereby eliminating pain and limiting potential nerve damage.

New Jersey Spine Specialists are leading experts at treating spinal conditions through spinal fusion surgery. Our board-certified surgeons only operate when conservative treatments fail to deliver results. We maximize surgical results while minimizing trauma to the body. The result: the complete alleviation of symptoms and reduced recovery time.

When Is Spinal Fusion Surgery Necessary?

New Jersey Spine Specialists recommend spinal fusion surgery in extreme cases. The point of this minimally invasive spinal procedure is to return stability to the affected part of the spine. Spinal instability causes bone structures to press into the spinal cord, causing chronic pain and permanent nerve damage when left untreated. Some conditions that call for lumbar or cervical fusion surgery include:

Broken Vertebrae:

In most cases, a broken vertebra can heal on its own. But when broken vertebrae bump up against the spinal cord, surgical intervention may be necessary.

Herniated Disc:

When a disc herniates and a part of the spine requires removal, spinal fusion is a reliable method for stabilizing the spinal column


Spinal fusion surgery helps repair abnormal curves in the spine

Degenerative Disc Disease:

This refers to normal age-related changes to the spinal discs. In some adults, it causes disabling pain and tingling in the extremities. When medical treatment and physical therapy fail, spinal fusion helps repair damage from degenerative disc disease.

If you begin experiencing back pain, you deserve the best treatment possible. Call New Jersey Spine Specialists’ board-certified spinal specialists to get the job done.

Turn To New Jersey Spine Specialists For All Your Back Pain Needs

Spinal fusion surgery is an option for extreme cases and serious spinal issues. But at New Jersey Spine Specialists, we prefer to exhaust all non-surgical options before considering lumbar or cervical spinal fusions. We find that a vast majority of spine issues resolve with lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and the use of anti-inflammatory medications. Should those conservative treatment methods fail, our top NJ based team of surgeons handles patients with care, answers questions, and returns them to pain-free lives as quickly as possible. Don’t suffer from back pain one second longer. If you live in Montclair, Millburn, South Orange, Livingston, or anywhere in the surrounding area, dial (908) 738-1679 today for a consultation.

“I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists” —Robert K

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    I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists” –

    Robert K