The Cost of A Microdiscectomy In New Jersey

Many Americans will experience lower back pain from herniated discs throughout their lifetime. Depending on the severity of pain, spine surgeons can effectively treat this condition through conservative methods such as physical therapy and injections. But more severe cases may require a minimally invasive spine procedure, such as a microdiscectomy, to alleviate pain. To complicate matters, treatment options vary in costs depending on each patient’s case. It’s important for individuals to understand all medical costs involved with a microdiscectomy procedure.

Microdiscectomy Procedures For NJ Candidates

When discs misalign, immense pressure, irritation, and pain on spinal nerves can radiate from the lower back, down the buttocks and legs. Spine surgeons typically treat herniated spinal discs, bulging discs, pinched nerves, sciatica and other related symptoms and conditions by performing a microdiscectomy. If you experience any symptoms associated with the above conditions, you may want to consult an NJ spine surgeon near you.

Spine Surgeons Perform Microdiscectomy Procedures

NJ patients often opt for a microdiscectomy because it is a fast and relatively painless minimally invasive surgery. During the procedure, a spine surgeon makes a small incision into the lower back. Then, the surgeon uses advanced instruments and the latest medical technology to analyze the injured area of the lower back before removing the irritated herniated area. With a short recovery time, individuals will quickly resume daily life, often free from chronic pain.

How Insurance Affects The Cost of A Microdiscectomy in New Jersey

Depending on the type of spinal procedure needed for each case, patients can expect a wide range of the cost of a microdiscectomy. Your individual health insurance may cover a microdiscectomy procedure. In other instances, insurance companies will require the patient to pay a deductible. Be sure to inquire this information with your healthcare provider before surgery.

How To Avoid Hidden Costs In A Microdiscectomy Procedure

Before scheduling a microdiscectomy procedure, you should review any and all possible fees related to your surgery. These additional fees may include costs for post-surgery medication, facility maintenance fees, and post-surgical therapy treatments. Patients seeking a microdiscectomy should look for a premium quality facility and experienced spine surgeon; one that offers advanced medical equipment and surgical suites to ensure proper care.

Microdiscectomy candidates should expect to pay more for a top-level trusted spine surgeon. The caliber of a board-certified spine surgeon ensures that a highly trained doctor specializing in performing microdiscectomies is on the case. In some practices, a neurophysiologist or surgical assistant will be present, which certain healthcare providers may consider out of network and not cover. New Jersey is home to many renowned national spine surgeons, eliminating unwanted travel costs for the procedure and follow up visits.

Finding The Best NJ Spine Surgeon For A Microdiscectomy Procedure

Questions such as expectations, results, costs, and recovery are typically answered upon the patient’s initial consultation with their spine specialist. During your visit, the board-certified spine surgeons at New Jersey Spine Specialists will identify any out-of-pocket costs patients are expected to cover for various treatments and surgeries. However, when surgery is the only available treatment option, the spine surgeons at New Jersey Spine Specialists collectively work to ensure patients receive the treatment they need to live a more pain-free life.

The devoted staff at NJSS will work with your insurance carriers to keep patient costs reasonable. Depending on each patient’s health plan, the compassionate NJSS team diligently tries to minimize your maximum out-of-pocket expense. NJ patients near Montclair, Summit, and Morristown, are welcome to learn more about costs involved with a microdiscectomy. Contact NJSS by calling (908) 738-1679 today!

“I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists” —Robert K

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    I am pain free, walking and well on my way to recovery thanks to the help of New Jersey Spine Specialists” –

    Robert K