What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

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The Spine

The Spine

In recent blogs, we talked about significant advances in spinal surgery procedures, such as X-Stop and interspinous process fusion.. These minimally invasive spine surgery procedures are designed to remove tissue and material that are exerting pressure on nerve roots, while avoiding damage to surrounding tissue and structures. These procedures are made possible by technologies that have drastically reduced the size and type of the surgical instruments, and have provided state-of-the-art equipment, such as fiber optic cameras and microscopes, for surgeons to view the surgical field through smaller incisions.. Instead of a scalpel, today’s orthopedic spine surgeons may wield a laser. Here at New Jersey Spine Specialists, our board certified surgeons have extensive knowledge with regards to endoscopic spine surgery.

How Does Endoscopic Spine Surgery Treat Back Pain?

Endoscopic spine surgery is a technique that lends itself to treating a variety of spinal conditions and disorders. The procedures include lumbar and cervical endoscopic discectomy, and they are used to treat bulging and herniated discs causing radiculopathy. However, endoscopic spine surgery is not called for in every case where surgical intervention is recommended, and our board certified spine specialists always counsel patients to exhaust all non-surgical treatments before considering any surgical solution. Non-surgical treatment options include physical therapy, epidural injections, and medication to control pain and discomfort. If you and your physician conclude that a minimally invasive back surgery may be appropriate, the decision on which procedure is best should be made only after thorough evaluation of all aspects of your case. In addition to a careful evaluation of your case history and a thorough physical examination, a qualified spinal specialist will also use imaging studies such as MRI’s, X-ray’s, and CAT scans, before arriving at his or her treatment recommendations. There’s more to know about endoscopic back surgery, and we’ll talk about it more in future blogs.

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