What Causes Back Pain in Men?

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Back pain is an equal opportunity medical problem: it affects people of all ages – adults, adolescents, and children. But the group most affected by back pain is men. So what causes all these cases of back pain among men? First, it’s important to recognize that back pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis or a condition. A variety of medical problems can result in back pain in men. Let’s review some of the most common.

Mental stress can aggravate back pain in men. When we are stressed, the muscles in our backs tighten. With enough stress and enough tightening, this will cause back pain. Similarly, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep or insomnia can also result in increased back pain. And speaking of lack of sleep, simply sleeping on a bad mattress can cause back pain.

Further Considerations for Back Pain in Men

Stomach and belly pain can also trigger back pain. That’s because the muscles of the stomach and back are interconnected. Problems that affect the stomach and belly – a poor diet, overconsumption of alcohol, convulsive nausea – can cause back pain.

Fortunately, advances in non-invasive therapies and spinal surgery offer new and effective treatment options for all patients dealing with back pain. Here at New Jersey Spine Specialists, our board certified spinal orthopedic surgeons have extensive experience performing such procedures for our patients from throughout northern New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area. If you or a loved one – whatever the age or gender – is dealing with back pain, we recommend consulting a board certified physician specializing in disorders of the spine for help.

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