Can a pinched nerve cause hands to lose motor skills?

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Pinched Nerve

Can a pinched nerve in the spine cause one to lose motor skills in the hand? Yes, and here’s how: A pinched nerve occurs when surrounding bone, muscle, cartilage or other tissue puts pressure on a nerve. The spine, with its complex skeletal structure and many nerve roots, is a common site of pinched nerves. These nerves extend throughout the body. For example, nerves emanating from the cervical, or neck region of the spine, extend all the way to the fingertips. Nerves in the cervical region are often affected by such pressure due to degenerative changes and other causes, a condition referred to as a pinched cervical nerve. Depending on the exact nerve and the extent of the pressure, a pinched nerve can cause symptoms from mile discomfort to sharp, shooting pains, tingling, weakness, loss of reflexes and motor skills, and atrophy, or withering of affected muscles. So yes, as we inform patients at New Jersey Spine Specialists, a pinched nerve in the back can cause loss of motor control in the hands, just as a pinched sciatic nerve in the lower spine can affect the legs. (This condition is known as sciatica.)

Key Considerations for Pinched Nerves

If the pressure on the nerves is only temporary, the symptoms of pinched nerve will resolve on their own, and full functioning will return. When the condition fails to resolve without intervention, treatment options for pinched nerve therapy include rest, special exercises, manipulation to relieve pressure on the nerves, and medication to relax muscles and reduce inflammation of affected nerves. The best therapy is preventive. Pinched nerve and many other spinal problems can be avoided by maintaining good posture, remaining fit and at a reasonable weight, and avoiding unnecessarily straining the back. In cases where preventive or conventional therapies are ineffective, surgery for pinched nerve is an effective option. Today, minimally invasive spinal surgery offers safe and effective alternatives to traditional surgical solutions.

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